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Are you a weak or undersized player getting knocked around in board battles?

Is your lack of explosive power holding you back from reaching your maximal potential as an athlete?

Do you want to add slabs of muscle to your frame, slash body fat and get in terrific shape for the game – fast?

Yes? Then this book is DEFINITELY for you.

No matter your training background, experience or current fitness levels, Strength Training for Ice Hockey will give you the tools you need to achieve exceptional performance faster than you ever thought possible. 

Spanning 270+ pages and including almost 300 references to relevant scientific studies, this is the MOST research-based and practical off-ice training book EVER published for hockey players.

Here's a Small Taste of What's Inside...

  • 6 major ways lifting weights benefits hockey performance (#4 is something you have NEVER heard spelled out in such detail before...) p. 4
  • Why agility ladders SUCK for speed development... and what to do instead for blazing quickness p. 6
  • How lifting weights protects AGAINST injury p. 12 
  • How to tell in less than 10 seconds whether you're a strength-responder or power-responder... and how this newly discovered knowledge affects your workouts going forward p. 17 
  • The "lifting heavy weights is dangerous" myth... DESTROYED (once and for all!) p. 22
  • The absolute best way to improve mobility for lifting (it's NOT what you think) p. 25
  • Why stability balls, wobble boards and inflatable rubber discs are a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME for any hockey player looking to get strong and fast p. 26
  • The myth of hockey-specific training... and how it leaves athletes weak, slow and injury-prone  p. 29
  • How Instagram, YouTube and the rest of social media sabotages your training p. 36
  • The #1 mistake all weak, skinny hockey players make in the weight room (You should never, EVER, train this way. If you do, you can kiss muscle growth goodbye.) p. 39
  • Completely unorthodox (but bizarrely effective) lifting advice from a 3-time World's Strongest Man p. 41
  • How often should you change your training routine? p. 49
  • Why high-volume bodybuilding splits KILL your speed and strength p. 51
  • How many reps should you do to get bigger and stronger? p. 53
  • This counter-intuitive maneuver skyrockets strength gains in every hockey player I ever met p. 57
  • The optimal exercise order for maximal results  p. 59 
  • The confusing relationship between heavy lifting, testosterone and growth hormone levels... and how gym bros got it all wrong p. 61 
  • What is the best lifting speed for full strength development? p. 66 
  • The super simple, 6-part blueprint (popularized by a long-forgotten Australian strength coach in the late '90s) that makes designing strength programs a breeze p. 73
  • Bench press plateau? Here's how to quickly unstuck yourself... p. 74 
  • This overlooked upper body exercise is one of the best predictors of hockey speed p. 78 
  • Should you squat on one or two legs? The FINAL word...  p. 79 
  • An old Eastern European periodization strategy that makes it almost neurologically impossible for you to NOT get stronger. (This was popularized by the most accomplished strength coach in history — and is so powerful, it regularly packs on 50+ pounds on my athletes' squat, bench press and power clean in a single off-season! Imagine what it can do for your lifts…) p. 94 
  • A clever training technique that continuously adds dozens upon dozens of pounds to the bar. (In my experience, this one thing alone can boost your gym numbers way beyond any other training “trick”, tactic, or technique you’ll learn anywhere else, for any price.) p. 96 

Let's take a quick break for a second.

Even if you skipped the remaining 270 pages, the last two points (pages 94-99) alone would easily be worth several times the price of the entire book. 

They form the backbone of my entire training methodology. And I have used them with overwhelming success with pretty much every athlete I have trained over the past decade.

Best part?

Most athletes have never heard (let alone thought) about these two tactics. But those who implement them, reap the rewards. Whether you play in a men's rec league in rural Manitoba or carry an NHL contract in your back pocket, heed this advice – and you, too, will enjoy wicked strength gains your teammates only experience in a dream.

It's not uncommon for a hockey player to add 30, 40, 50+ pounds to his squat, bench press, deadlift or power clean in just 2-3 months when they first apply the information covered in these six pages.

Be honest... How much did YOUR numbers improve this past summer? If your big lifts are limping along (or remain completely stuck) then you owe it to yourself to dig yourself out of that training rut.... and I will show you exactly how inside Strength Training for Ice Hockey.

Here are even more tips and tactics you will discover when you order the book today:

  • The surprising truth about how squat depth impacts knee health and muscle gains. (For some reason, there’s always a lot of psychological resistance to doing this when I show it to people — but every time you do it, gains come in quickly, furiously and predictably... with NONE of the knee issues anyone would expect.) p. 100
  • The ONLY 4 reasons you should use partial reps (#1 involves a cool mental feat practically nobody knows or takes advantage of... Do it the way I show you, and it can produce heaps of strength PRs!) p. 102
  • Should you lift to failure? p. 104
  • The hockey "slacker" way to cut workout time by 50%... and still get 100% (or more) of the gains p. 109
  • Why this popular training method (which you're probably also doing) leads to MEDIOCRE results... and a much more potent tactic to get the most out of your work sets  p. 114
  • A super simple workout trick (validated by a little-known 2004 Japanese study) to boost muscle growth p. 117
  • Why you're wasting valuable time with conventional deloads... and the unorthodox program design tweak I use to keep guys fresh without taking plates off the bar every 3 or 4 weeks p. 118
  • Can you grow with bodyweight exercises alone?  p. 121
  • The many pitfalls of choosing training loads based on a percentage of your 1RM (i.e. squat 3x5 @80%)... and how to sidestep these issues so you avoid frustrating lifting plateaus  p. 128
  • The "Big 6" strength exercises I use to keep track of my athletes' progress... and why you should too p. 146
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced strength standards for hockey players (this is information you won't find anywhere else... and you'll be surprised how strong you REALLY need to be to play the game at the highest level)  p. 150
  • The mobility and corrective exercise sham... EXPOSED p. 156
  • The RIGHT way to warm up to HEAVY weights p. 161
  • My 2 secret technique adjustments that clear up squat related lower back pain better than anything else I have ever seen (these work so well together, we haven't had a SINGLE player complain about back pain on barbell squats over the last 3 years) p. 166
  • Bench pressing hurts your shoulder? These unique tweaks let you bench big without pain  p. 169
  • The 2 safest deadlift variations that let you pile on the plates and stave off back injury p. 172
  • Why every hockey player should Olympic lift p. 177
  • The real reason you're not getting any more powerful from Olympic lifting p. 179
  • Why I favor the hang power clean with hockey players p. 184
  • Should you use straps on power cleans? p. 185
  • Can you develop head-turning explosiveness without the Olympic lifts? p. 186
  • The DISGUSTING myth of in-season "maintenance" training... and how to make sure you're at your STRONGEST and FASTEST when everyone else is losing strength, power and muscle mass heading into the playoffs p. 191
  • 5 off-the-wall weight room tactics to cajole peak performance during hockey season (#3 is so effective, you'll never again want to skip a workout when your legs feel "heavy" between games) p. 200 
  • Sidelined with an injury? Use this little-known exercise secret (first discovered by a British researcher in 1894) to cut rehab time in half and return to play without missing a beat  p. 208
  • Female hockey player? Why and how you should fine-tune your workouts to overcome physiological disadvantages and coax supreme strength gains (FYI... mimicking the exact sets, reps and rest periods males use won't get you there) p. 222
  • Strength standards for female hockey players p. 227
  • 4 disgusting myths surrounding young athletes and lifting weights... and why they are nothing but a bunch of baloney peddled by misinformed trainers and parents p. 230
  • ADVANCED training methods for strength and size (Let's be real here... MOST people reading this are NOT at this level yet. But if you're one of the few hockey players with a solid strength base in place, then these sophisticated tactics can drive big-time progress.) p. 248
  • Possibly the most effective way for non-beginners to enjoy rapid strength gains p. 251
  • Strength curves and how they impact your lifts (once you understand this overlooked concept, you will never again train all the major lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, weighted chin-up) the same way) p. 254
  • How to use BANDS and CHAINS for extra strength and power p. 256
  • This "magic" lifting trick cheats your nervous system, so you sprint faster and jump higher within seconds p. 259
  • A unique (and non-detrimental) way to do drop sets for athletes p. 266
  • This bodybuilder-inspired training method packs on strength and muscle in a hurry p. 267
  • And a whole lot more, including: The $5 secret to enjoying endless personal records (page 92)... The insider scoop on how many pounds Jack Eichel power cleaned at age 16 (hint: it's way more than you'd expect from a scrawny teenager – page 7)... Why stretching sucks (page 158)... The #1 reason you're spinning your wheels in the weight room right now (page 132)... The EXACT age NHL players reach their physical peak (page 9)... How to program the Olympic lifts (page 179)...

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The Author: Yunus Barisik

Yunus Barisik, CSCS, specializes in making hockey players strong, fast and explosive. He has trained 500+ athletes at the junior, college and pro levels – including players and prospects from 12 NHL organizations, 10 U18 & U20 World Champions, and too many National Team and Division I college players to count.

Filip Lindberg
Minnesota Wild 2019 Draft Pick

"My body has matured physically a lot during the time I've been training with Yunus. I've gained muscle all over my body, my shoulders got broader, I got leaner, and my strength levels went through the roof. As a result of all that, my on-ice performance improved tremendously. I'm now much more explosive on the ice."

Zach Redmond
EHC München, DEL

"Yunus’ program really opened my eyes to what you can achieve by focusing on the quality of training rather than the quantity. It’s the first time I have gotten stronger by doing LESS. I also learned that getting bigger and faster go hand in hand when your off-ice workouts are dialed in. I felt faster on the track and when I got back on the ice, I was able to change directions and get going quicker. Everything just felt smoother."

Kasper Björkqvist
Pittsburgh Penguins

"Yunus’ knowledge of improving hockey performance has helped me in ways I didn’t know existed when we first started working together. In just one year of training with him, my strength and speed have improved dramatically!"

Teemu Väyrynen
TPS Turku, Finnish Elite League

"I followed a 3-day per week, full-body training program Yunus designed for me this summer. At the end of the off-season I set multiple lifetime personal records, including new bests in 3RM front squats and power cleans. Based on pre-season games and practices so far, I'm also feeling faster on the ice."

Bastien Maia
France National Team

"In the past, if I managed to add 5-10 kg to my main lifts in the off-season, I would consider it a big win. This summer some of my lifts went up by 25 kg which has never happened before. Even though I’m now 5 kg heavier, my legs feel a lot more powerful. I notice a big difference in my speed when I do sprints on the field or on the ice."

Victor Ranger
Hormadi Anglet, Ligue Magnus

"All the strength and muscle I gained on Yunus' program helped with stability when battling for loose pucks in the corners. Even against bigger guys, I felt like I could physically compete head-to-head with them. My skating improved as well. Faster on the first few steps, my ability to push off and glide, on-ice stamina... Everything jumped up a notch or two."


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